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Investment approach

The market is in a state of constant change, therefore we adopt an active approach to investing. This allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise, and protect capital when markets are less favourable. The key principles that underpin our methodology are:

  • An active portfolio management approach; we do not buy and hold.
  • A focus on capital protection in less favourable markets and a more aggressive investment approach when times are more positive.
  • A commitment to undertake our own detailed investment research and conduct regular company visits.
  • An understanding of the changes of the local and global economic environments and how these changes are likely to impact on our clients’ investments.
  • A management of risk through appropriate portfolio diversification.
  • A focus on our key competencies, and in the instances where we lack specific skills and knowledge, we engage with organisations that can provide them for us.
  • A Central Dealing Desk, while not commonplace in New Zealand, is a regular feature of international Fund Managers and moves us further towards best practice in this area. For further information on how this benefits our clients, please click here.


Investment process


Investment Approach

Our investment selection process aims to identify prospects that have not been recognised by other investors. We constantly conduct our own in-depth research into our current investments and potential opportunities. We do this so we can properly understand their key drivers and the likelihood of favourable future performance. We place significant importance on meeting companies and conduct regular company visits each year. Our analysts and portfolio managers are recognised industry experts in their respective fields and their combined experience provides an extensive knowledge base that benefits the entire Milford team.