Vision & values - Milford Asset

Vision & values

Milford is a boutique investment firm that exists to grow the wealth of our clients and New Zealand.

We understand the trust you place in us when you invest. We will work hard to build on this trust by being transparent and responsive.

We will strive to provide the best investment options by employing and developing talented professionals who have a proven record of delivering high-quality service, innovation and performance.

We believe in identifying and directly investing in promising New Zealand businesses thereby supporting the economy and further growing the wealth of New Zealand.

Our philosophy is underpinned by seven Investor Rights that ensure we’re acting in the best interests of our clients at all times.

Our core values

Everything we do is guided by the following principles. At Milford, we always:

  • Operate with honesty and integrity
  • Consistently seek to deliver superior investment returns
  • Remain wholly focused on achieving our clients’ specific investment objectives
  • Strive for best practice when managing funds on behalf of our clients
  • Remain majority New Zealand and employee owned

Why Milford?

We have one of the best investment teams in New Zealand

  • The team at Milford comprises some of the country’s most experienced and respected investment experts, led by Brian Gaynor, with each person having established an impressive track record for making quality financial decisions.
  • We do our own research and conduct regular company visits each year. Also, the people doing the research are the same people making the investment decisions, which is a process we believe leads to better investment outcomes.

We’re an active investment manager

  • We adopt an active approach to portfolio management in order to take advantage of changing market conditions and investment opportunities; we do not buy and hold.
  • We have a track record of delivering solid investment returns while seeking to protecting capital.
  • We are aggressive in good times and aim to protect capital when the market is less favourable.

We have a fair and simple approach to fees

  • We charge capped management fees to cover the normal operating costs associated with managing a Fund.
  • We believe in a performance based fee structure and only charge a performance fee when we exceed a Fund’s stated objective.
  • We do not charge entry, exit or switching fees.

We adhere to seven Investor Rights

  • Milford has developed seven Investor Rights we believe should be conferred to all investors, wherever they choose to invest. These Rights guide everything we do and help us to act in our clients’ best interests.


Milford was formed in 2003 by an experienced group of individuals who recognised the need for an investment company that New Zealanders can trust and which provides a premium service. Milford was founded on the guiding principles of employee ownership, a performance based fee structure and a particular focus on protecting investors’ capital. These three things are designed to help align Milford’s interests with those of their investors. Today, the Milford team comprises more than 50 passionate and talented individuals across offices in Auckland and Sydney who are solely focused on helping their clients achieve their investment goals. Milford currently has over $4 billion of funds under management and offers a range of services and funds.