The 2015 share market return figures show that the NZX was the best performing share market in the developed world last year, on a gross return basis (price plus dividends).


The benchmark NZX50 Index had a gross return of 13.6 per cent for the year, comprising a capital return of 8.5 per cent plus 5.1 per cent in terms of dividends.


This put us well ahead of most major markets including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.


2015 Share Market Returns; NZX tops the table

2015 share market returns


New Zealand and Germany use a gross index as their benchmark index while other markets place more emphasis on capital returns only.


Dividends make a major contribution to gross returns in New Zealand, as they do in Australia. This makes our share market returns more secure and less volatile.


Given the relatively positive outlook for the New Zealand economy Milford believes that the NZX should continue to perform towards the upper end of world share markets in 2016.


Brian Gaynor

Portfolio Manager

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