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The psychology of investment – check your biases

Richard Pilley, 23 Jul 2020

The market volatility caused by the COVID-19 crisis has been traumatic for many investors and at times like this, it’s…

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a KiwiSaver Partner

24 Jun 2020

  KiwiSaver is one of the very best ways a New Zealander can prepare for the future. But finding the…

The Value of a Financial Adviser

01 May 2020

  For investors with over $500,000 to invest, our Private Wealth Advice & Management Service gives you the opportunity to…

KiwiSaver Q & A Series – Active Management

Ashley Brown, 22 Apr 2020

In the next instalment of our KiwiSaver Q & A Series, KiwiSaver Adviser Ashley Brown talks through how we are…

KiwiSaver Q & A Series – Switching funds

Murray Harris, 20 Apr 2020

In the third installment of our KiwiSaver Q & A series, Head of KiwiSaver Murray Harris discusses switching funds during…

KiwiSaver Q & A Series – First Home Withdrawals

Eachann Bruce, 16 Apr 2020

As part of our KiwiSaver Q & A Series, KiwiSaver Adviser Eachann Bruce discusses what you should do if you…

KiwiSaver Q & A Series – Contributing during COVID-19

Murray Harris, 16 Apr 2020

Head of KiwiSaver at Milford, Murray Harris, answers questions about contributing to your KiwiSaver in the current COVID-19 environment.

The importance of diversification

Simon Walton, 30 Mar 2020

The term ‘diversification’, in a financial context, is commonly understood as the generations-old adage our grandparents used to tell us:…

What’s in a risk profile?

Jonty Cullinane, 19 Feb 2020

The Milford Trans-Tasman Equity Fund returned 30.51% after fees for the 12 months to the end of December. Most of…

How to tell a good active manager

David Vickery, 26 Nov 2019

A fundamental decision any investor can make is whether to choose an active or passive fund manager. The choice between…