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Previewing Budget 2019 and how it could impact markets

Frances Sweetman, 24 Apr 2019

In this short video, Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman previews Budget 2019 and discusses what it could mean for the economy…

Is NZ insulated from the US-China trade dispute?

Felix Fok, 26 Apr 2019

In this short video, Portfolio Manager Felix Fok discusses the latest on the US-China trade dispute and how it’s impacting…

Emerging markets alive with opportunity

Stephen Johnston, 05 Jun 2019

In this short video, Portfolio Manager Stephen Johnston discusses the plethora of opportunities available to NZ companies selling goods and…

What’s the right amount of government debt for NZ?

Ian Robertson, 06 Jun 2019

Amongst the Budget Responsibility Rules which the government agreed after the 2017 election, the government is required to reduce the…

Changing consumer preferences in China present big opportunity for NZ companies

Frances Sweetman, 27 Jun 2019

I was fortunate enough to attend New Zealand’s first Alibaba E-Commerce Expo and Conference this month. This was a fascinating…

Confronting NZ’s infrastructure issues

Frances Sweetman, 30 Jul 2019

Investing in infrastructure can help the economy become more productive, but balancing short-term needs with long-term needs is a delicate…

US-China trade war – what’s it mean for NZ?

Mark Riggall, 29 Aug 2019

With the ongoing trade war now impacting global economic growth, Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall looks at what it means for…

Risks and rewards of our low interest rate world

Ian Robertson, 30 Aug 2019

With interest rates falling to record lows, Senior Analyst Ian Robertson looks at how this is affecting the economy and…