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Changing consumer preferences in China present big opportunity for NZ companies

Frances Sweetman, 27 Jun 2019

I was fortunate enough to attend New Zealand’s first Alibaba E-Commerce Expo and Conference this month. This was a fascinating…

What’s the right amount of government debt for NZ?

Ian Robertson, 06 Jun 2019

Amongst the Budget Responsibility Rules which the government agreed after the 2017 election, the government is required to reduce the…

An update on Aussie house price declines

David Rigby, 24 Apr 2019

Since our last blog on Australian housing in December last year prices have continued to fall, but the pace of…

Caveat emptor longer dated bonds

Ian Robertson, 10 Apr 2019

Recent months have seen a trend in the NZ retail bond market towards longer dated bonds with coupon resets (known…