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Golden opportunity: Why we’ve been buying gold miners.

William Curtayne, 21 Apr 2020

It’s hard to believe what has happened in the last few months: the declaration of a global pandemic, an oil…

Investor Update – April 2020

Wayne Gentle, 06 Apr 2020

Chief Investment Officer Wayne Gentle provides an update on the latest market developments around COVID-19 and how we’re actively positioning…

Coronavirus Q & A

Philip Morgan Rees, 26 Mar 2020

We answered our clients’ top questions on the financial impact of Coronavirus and how we’re actively positioning our funds through…

Wholesale Investors Coronavirus Q & A

26 Mar 2020

  Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman and Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall answered the top questions we’re being asked regarding the financial impact…

Coronavirus – a further market update

Wayne Gentle, 24 Mar 2020

Milford as a financial services provider, is deemed an essential service. You will have heard from our CEO, Mark Ryland…

What a difference a couple of months can make…

David Rigby, 12 Feb 2020

Coming into the last months of 2019 many share markets were hitting all-time highs almost daily, buoyed by receding trade…

Measuring the heat in the housing market

Mark Riggall, 05 Feb 2020

With the housing market showing signs of heating back up, Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses how we’re factoring this into…

As the US-China trade war winds down, what’s up in US markets?

Stephanie Perrin, 04 Feb 2020

Investor optimism has surged in the US as the threat of a protracted US-China trade war recedes. But Investment Analyst…

Are low interest rates changing investor behaviour?

Ian Robertson, 04 Feb 2020

With interest rates expected to remain low, more and more investors will be considering moving from term deposits to investment…