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All roads lead to Paris

Marissa Rossi, 22 Oct 2020

When it comes to sustainable investing, it can seem at times like there are three teams on the field. In…

Market takes election in its stride – for now

Frances Sweetman, 21 Oct 2020

The New Zealand share market did not bat an eyelid at last weekend’s election outcome. This is not just because…

Water utilities – dull as dishwater but dependable

Daniel Simmonds, 08 Oct 2020

It should be noted upfront that we will be discussing a water utility, which may sound as dull as dishwater…

5 reasons why this lockdown should be kinder to the share market

13 Aug 2020

  After 102 days of no community transmission, New Zealand has joined much of the rest of the world in…

Vaccine Time: The Beginning of the Pandemic’s End

Marissa Rossi, 05 Aug 2020

In total, there are 177 novel coronavirus vaccines in development globally and 6 in Phase III trials, the final stage…

Investing in infrastructure – the case for airports

Daniel Simmonds, 30 Jul 2020

We’re going to focus on the global aviation sector and aim to offer some insights into how COVID-19 has impacted…

Melbourne Lockdown Take Two

William Curtayne, 08 Jul 2020

Faced with two bad choices, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has made the difficult decision to lockdown metropolitan Melbourne for six…

Health Care: A hunting ground for investment opportunities in uncertain times

Alexander Whight, 01 Jul 2020

It is hard to believe just 3 months have passed since the market lows of late-March. Equity markets have moved…

The role of private equity in the wake of COVID-19

Tom Monti, 16 Jun 2020

The New Zealand Private Capital Monitor report was recently published. It showed 2019 was a record year of activity for…

What’s behind this market sell-off?

William Curtayne, 12 Jun 2020

The US major equity indices were off over 5% today in largest daily fall since March. The question on everyone…