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Webcast: What’s the outlook for the global economy?

Jonathan Windust, 04 Apr 2019

In this webcast, Portfolio Manager Jonathan Windust provides an outlook on the global economy and he shares how the Active Growth…

Webcast: What’s the outlook for the local economy?

David Lewis, 04 Apr 2019

In this webcast, Portfolio Manager David Lewis provides an outlook on the local economy and he shares how the Diversified Income…

What’s in store for the housing market in 2019?

Frances Sweetman, 25 Jan 2019

In this short video, Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman discusses what’s happening in the housing market, including what could impact the…

KiwiSaver – Turning $24.5 billion into $60.7 billion

Brian Gaynor, 11 Dec 2018

KiwiSaver figures continue to show that the scheme is a big winner with the investing public. According to IRD figures,…

Tariff disputes – what’s the effect on New Zealand?

Mark Riggall, 03 Jul 2018

In this video, Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses US trade tariffs, the New Zealand share market and rising oil prices. He…

Low business confidence and slowing GDP – what does it mean for the market?

Frances Sweetman, 02 Jul 2018

In this short video, Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman discusses how we are positioning our Funds given the low business confidence figures…

The benefits of smart active management in bonds

David Lewis, 26 Apr 2018

Active management – where our team is continually looking to buy or sell different investments over time as their relative…

Introducing the Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund

Wayne Gentle, 12 Apr 2018

In this short video, Chief Investment Officer Wayne Gentle and Portfolio Manager William Curtayne introduce our new PIE Fund, the…

Curious about our new funds?

07 Mar 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of three new Investment Funds. These new funds will give our clients the…