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Measuring the heat in the housing market

Mark Riggall, 05 Feb 2020

With the housing market showing signs of heating back up, Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses how we’re factoring this into…

Does Orr want more?

Katlyn Parker, 17 Dec 2019

With interest rates at record low levels there is an argument that the benefits of cutting rates further become less….

Home a-loan this Christmas

Michael Higgins, 10 Dec 2019

If you’re looking for a home loan in Australia today, chances are, you’re going to use a mortgage broker. In…

What drives mortgage rates?

Paul Morris, 19 Nov 2019

Last week the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) left its Official Cash Rate (OCR) unchanged at 1.0%. This was…

Investment funds – what to ask yourself.

Andrew Mackenzie, 01 Nov 2019

For people that have been relying on term deposit interest for their income, the recent move by the Reserve Bank…

Monetary policy needs friends

Ian Robertson, 18 Oct 2019

Despite a long period of supportive monetary policy post-GFC including low/negative interest rates and quantitative easing from some of the…

Risks and rewards of our low interest rate world

Ian Robertson, 30 Aug 2019

With interest rates falling to record lows, Senior Analyst Ian Robertson looks at how this is affecting the economy and…

Investing in a low interest rate world

Bruce O'Leary, 30 Aug 2019

Low interest rates may be celebrated by those with mortgages, but can be a worry for those with money in…