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OCR hiking back to ‘normal’?

Ian Robertson, 12 Aug 2021

Recent economic data has been strong and points to a quicker recovery from the pandemic than the Reserve Bank of…

Investing in changing times: Competition is now high on the President’s agenda

Alexander Whight, 03 Aug 2021

Competition and corporate consolidation. President Biden’s 2020 election campaign was relatively quiet when it came to this topic. We were…

What is concerning the bond market?

Paul Morris, 20 Jul 2021

As economies repair from the pandemic, unemployment has fallen, and inflation has risen. As key objectives for central banks, this…

Have low rates created investment bubbles? What should investors do?

Jonathan Windust, 23 Mar 2021

Lower interest rates have led to higher valuations of many company shares as investors look for alternative ways to save,…

Negative Interest Rates?

Ian Robertson, 24 Sep 2020

Market expectations for the Official Cash Rate (“OCR”) to go negative next year are increasing.  The Reserve Bank of New…

Measuring the heat in the housing market

Mark Riggall, 05 Feb 2020

With the housing market showing signs of heating back up, Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses how we’re factoring this into…

Does Orr want more?

Katlyn Parker, 17 Dec 2019

With interest rates at record low levels there is an argument that the benefits of cutting rates further become less….

Home a-loan this Christmas

Michael Higgins, 10 Dec 2019

If you’re looking for a home loan in Australia today, chances are, you’re going to use a mortgage broker. In…