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Sydney Airport acquisition ready for takeoff

Daniel Simmonds, 13 Jul 2021

Sydney Airport (SYD) has recently become an acquisition target by a consortium of private investors willing to take a longer-term…

Central bank policy in transition – are rate hikes on the way?

Travis Murdoch, 09 Jul 2021

As we enter the second half of the calendar year, central bank policies are entering the next phase of the…

The million dollar question: did Covid kill the office?

Jason Kururangi, 23 Jun 2021

If you take a walk around the streets of Sydney Tuesday to Thursday, you wouldn’t know we were still in…

Will the strong Australian housing market last?

Greg Cassidy, 05 May 2021

One of the key positive surprises since the Covid-19 pandemic started has been the resilience and strength of the Australian…

Previewing Budget 2019 and how it could impact markets

Frances Sweetman, 24 Apr 2019

In this short video, Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman previews Budget 2019 and discusses what it could mean for the economy…

An update on Aussie house price declines

David Rigby, 24 Apr 2019

Since our last blog on Australian housing in December last year prices have continued to fall, but the pace of…

How proposed new bank capital requirements could affect investors

Ian Robertson, 30 Jan 2019

In this short video, Senior Analyst Ian Robertson discusses the proposed new bank capital requirements and explains how they could affect…

What’s in store for the housing market in 2019?

Frances Sweetman, 25 Jan 2019

In this short video, Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman discusses what’s happening in the housing market, including what could impact the…

Australian house prices: Vulnerable, but no disaster

David Rigby, 10 Jul 2018

As we’ve highlighted in several Milford blogs over the years, Aussies pride themselves on their property obsession every bit as…