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No such thing as ‘free money’… or is there?

Eachann Bruce, 06 May 2021

Each year, KiwiSaver members have the opportunity to receive a government top up of up to $521.43. Last year the…

Unravelling the China-Australia coal trade mystery

Greg Cassidy, 01 May 2019

In February, press reports started to emerge of China restricting the importation of Australian coal. Ships loaded with Australian coal…

How to Maximise your KiwiSaver Government Contribution

06 May 2019

Each year, eligible KiwiSaver members can receive a Government contribution to their KiwiSaver account of up to $521.43. Are you…

The importance of being in the right KiwiSaver fund

Leigh Wotherspoon, 08 May 2019

Since the start of KiwiSaver in 2007 over 2.9 million New Zealanders have joined and grown their savings to over…

Diversifying from term deposits to bonds

Paul Morris, 15 May 2019

Last week the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (“RBNZ”) cut its Official Cash Rate (“OCR”) from 1.75 percent to a…

Value is in the eye of the beholder

Stephanie Batchelor, 21 May 2019

Tens of thousands of investors recently undertook the annual pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska to hear words of wisdom from Warren…

What’s the right amount of government debt for NZ?

Ian Robertson, 06 Jun 2019

Amongst the Budget Responsibility Rules which the government agreed after the 2017 election, the government is required to reduce the…

Who will inherit your KiwiSaver money?

Nicky Reid, 13 Jun 2019

KiwiSaver has been a very successful addition to the retirement savings and wealth creation of New Zealanders. It’s now discussed…

Changing consumer preferences in China present big opportunity for NZ companies

Frances Sweetman, 27 Jun 2019

I was fortunate enough to attend New Zealand’s first Alibaba E-Commerce Expo and Conference this month. This was a fascinating…