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Stock Story: Coretex

Brooke Bone, 05 Aug 2021

What does Coretex do? Coretex Limited is a privately owned NZ company that operates internationally in the heavy vehicle telematics…

Stock Story: Virgin Money UK

William Curtayne, 06 Jul 2021

Value opportunity in a UK bank Virgin Money UK is a United Kingdom bank offering a classical value investment opportunity…

Stock Story: The a2 Milk Company

Sam Trethewey, 04 Jun 2021

We have a look at the dramatic rise to prominence of The a2 Milk Company, the volatility it has experienced…

Private Equity Insight: Growing New Shoots

Tom Monti, 18 May 2021

Milford Investment Analyst Tom Monti provides an update on New Shoots, a modern early childcare centre and one of our…

Vend Limited to be sold

Brooke Bone, 11 May 2021

A Fantastic Investment for your Milford Active Growth Fund and KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund Update The recent announcement that Vend…

Stock Story: Apple

Felix Fok, 05 Feb 2021

With Apple going from strength to strength, Portfolio Manager Felix Fok discusses what’s driving their success and he looks at…

Stock Story: Atlas Arteria

Daniel Simmonds, 04 Dec 2020

The toll road sector can have attractive qualities for investors. Portfolio Manager Dan Simmonds discusses why we like the less…

Stock Story: James Hardie Industries

David Rigby, 06 Oct 2020

This month, Senior Analyst David Rigby looks at James Hardie Industries. He discusses what the company does, the transformation it…

Stock Story: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr Deborah Lambie, 06 Aug 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a company at the centre of the fight against COVID-19. Global Equities Analyst Dr Deborah Lambie…