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The month in 60 seconds: Apr ’21

Mark Riggall, 06 May 2021

Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses April’s key highlights in 60 seconds. Goldilocks economy – conditions just right for growth Global…

No such thing as ‘free money’… or is there?

Eachann Bruce, 06 May 2021

Each year, KiwiSaver members have the opportunity to receive a government top up of up to $521.43. Last year the…

Stock Story – LVMH

Stephanie Batchelor, 06 May 2021

LVMH – building brands for over 30 years Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, or LVMH, is the world’s largest luxury goods…

Is your KiwiSaver account working as hard as you?

Murray Harris, 29 Apr 2021

Have you ever wondered how your KiwiSaver fund stacks up against the others? The latest report from independent investment research…

Productivity concerns and signs of stagflation

Tom Monti, 28 Apr 2021

Much attention from financial markets has been given to inflationary indicators in global economies; inflation being a key consideration for…

Inflation about to hit main street. What’s the story?

William Curtayne, 20 Apr 2021

Markets will have one and half eyes on inflation prints over the rest of 2021 as investors try to ascertain…

How will corporates spend their excess cash and what does this mean for investors?

Ian Robertson, 20 Apr 2021

As earnings growth and visibility beyond the pandemic improve, how companies choose to spend elevated levels of cash held as…

NFTs the new kid on the block(chain) – the latest use-case in a world that continues to digitalise

Stephanie Batchelor, 14 Apr 2021

How much would you pay to own this pixelated image of an alien wearing a sweatband? Nothing? $1? $1,000? How…

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