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New to Investing?

Investing is a proven way to generate wealth and secure your long-term financial future. Before you begin, there are a few things you should consider.

What you should know

The importance of goal setting

The benefits of diversification

The power of compounding returns

How to assess your risk tolerance

How our approach and investment solutions can help pull these elements together.

Are you thinking of investing in an Investment Fund for the first time? Read our Guide to discover the main differences between a Term Deposit and an Investment Fund.

Setting goals

Are you investing for retirement? Are you saving for the kids’ education? Or do you want to grow your wealth? It’s important to know what your investment goals are before you start. Your goals help you to establish the type of investments you need.


The benefits of diversification

Risk is a fundamental aspect of investing. Diversification spreads your risk across different asset classes such as shares, property, bonds and cash. It can help to minimize the impact of volatility from any one investment on your overall portfolio.

  • How do I join or switch my KiwiSaver provider to Milford?

    Click here to complete our online application for the Milford KiwiSaver Plan. You will need your IRD number and either your driver’s licence or passport details. Please read the Milford KiwiSaver Plan Product Disclosure Statement to learn more.

    If you would prefer not to apply online, or your online identity verification is unsuccessful, you will need to provide an application form and verification documents which can be found by clicking here or by downloading the Milford KiwiSaver Plan Product Disclosure Statement.

  • How do I start an Investment Funds holding with Milford?

    You can apply to invest in our Investment Funds in one of the following ways.

    1. Download and print the Product Disclosure Statement (includes an Application Form)
    2. Request a Product Disclosure Statement to be posted to you

    Once the Form is completed, print it out, sign and date it, and mail it to us along with the required identity documentation.

    Mail To:
    Milford Funds Limited
    PO Box 960
    Shortland Street
    Auckland 1140

    Please make the cheque payable to ‘TEA Custodians Ltd o/a Milford Funds Ltd’ or direct credit to 02 0500 0907231 000 (please reference your name and IRD number with a direct credit deposit).

  • How can I view my investment online?

    Click Account Login at the top right of your page and select the relevant login type.

    If you have not already set up your online login, we will need to create one for you. Please email [email protected] to request this.

    For Private Wealth online access registration, please email [email protected].

The power of compounding

The power of compounding
No Compounding

A $10,000 initial investment, with a 10% p.a. return every year, and the returns are not reinvested, over a 40 year time horizon.


A $10,000 initial investment, with a 10% p.a. return every year, and the returns are reinvested, over a 40 year time horizon.

Compounding Plus

A $10,000 initial investment, plus a $50 deposit every month, with a 10% p.a. return every year, and the returns are reinvested, over a 40 year time horizon.

The power of compounding

Compounding is earning returns on the growth your investment makes. Longer term, it has the potential to increase the value of your investment significantly.

Compounding explained

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Fees are one factor in your decision making. A more important factor is performance after fees. That's why our fees are linked to the value we provide.

Our fee structure

Our Approach

Our overarching aim is to grow your wealth over time. We are a fund manager with the talent and skill to deliver on investors’ objectives through our range of investment solutions.

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