Financial Safeguards

Who has Professional Oversight of my Investments?

As a licensed fund manager, Milford is regulated by law and subject to independent supervision. This ensures we work within a defined legal framework, and have external accountability for how we take care of your investment.

Regulation & Supervision

Financial Markets Authority

An independent Crown entity responsible for New Zealand’s financial markets. They licence and regulate all fund managers.


Trustees Executors is the independent Supervisor of all Milford Funds. They monitor us to ensure we meet legal and regulatory requirements. They also appoint and oversee the Custodian.

Make investment decisions


We manage the Funds. We make the investment decisions but never hold or touch your money.

Independently hold your investments and value them


Holds the investments of the Funds on behalf of the Supervisor and independently of Milford.

Administration Manager & Registry

Maintains the unit holder register, values the assets and calculates the unit price.