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Milford offers a suite of Investment Funds with differing risk and return profiles to suit your investment objectives. Each fund is actively managed by our experienced, award-winning investment team.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Performance is calculated after fees and before tax (unless after tax returns are selected). Performance figures include the reinvestment of the Funds’ distribution where applicable. Performance returns are shown in New Zealand Dollars.
The Milford KiwiSaver Plan Funds’ inception dates: KiwiSaver Cash Fund: 27 March 2020, KiwiSaver Conservative Fund: 1 October 2012, KiwiSaver Moderate Fund: 27 March 2020, KiwiSaver Balanced Fund: 1 April 2010, KiwiSaver Aggressive Fund: 1 August 2019.
The performance for the Milford KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund is based on the performance of the AonSaver AMT Milford Active Growth Fund until 31/3/2010 and the Milford Active Growth Fund from 1/4/2010. The investment policy of the Milford Active Growth Fund replicates that of the AonSaver AMT Milford Active Growth Fund, in place since 1 October 2007. For both periods the underlying fund the Milford KiwiSaver Plan’s Active Growth Fund invested into was the Milford Active Growth Unit Trust Fund.
The Milford Investment Fund’s inception dates: Cash Fund: 1 March 2019, Trans-Tasman Bond Fund: 2 December 2013, Global Bond Fund: 1 February 2017, Conservative Fund: 1 September 2015, Diversified Income Fund and Balanced Fund: 1 April 2010, Active Growth Fund & Trans-Tasman Equity Fund: 1 October 2007, Australian Absolute Growth Fund: 1 March 2018, Global Equity Fund: 12 April 2013, Dynamic Fund: 1 October 2013, Aggressive Fund: 21 June 2021.