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Sustainability – why, how and at what cost?
What is sustainable investing, anyway? Is it the latest buzzword or something we all need to consider when making our investment decisions? Listen now to find out everything you need to know about E.S.G—Environment, Sustainability, and Governance—when it comes to investments.

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Listen to our three part series about protecting your wealth with Juliet Moses who is a Partner at TGT Legal.
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What are Bonds and Equities and what role do they play in a diversified investment portfolio? Listen to Katlyn Parker chat to Joanna Day, in everyday language explaining what these terms mean and the role they play in investment strategies.

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Financial Wellbeing Workbook
It’s time to walk the talk. This practical, easy-to-use workbook includes planning tools, tips and ideas to guide you as you define your financial goals and set strategies to reach them.
Investing Through the Decades
Learn how to navigate your finances in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Maybe you have bit of financial stability and are ready to set yourself up for future you, or you’re ready to kick back into retirement, regardless we can help.
Ask Us Anything Online Event

Watch our latest online event hosted by Head of KiwiSaver, Murray Harris, Dr Deborah Lambie and Liam Robertson.

The low-down on sustainable investing and why it matters to your investments

Investing responsibly sounds great in theory, but unless you know what to look for, it can feel like a guessing game. That’s where sustainable investing and ESG comes in.

ESG is like a school report for companies. It checks how good their business practices are for the planet (Environment), if they treat people well (Social), and are smart about how they run their business (Governance). The three factors help you to judge how responsible a company is.

You can support the transition towards a more sustainable future through your investments via the companies or Investment Manager you choose.

Scroll through some things you can consider when assessing an Investment Manager to invest with:

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