What are my rights as an investor?

At Milford, we believe in a set of seven Investor Rights. Your right to:
Trust someone to look after your money
We believe it takes a lot of trust to appoint an investment partner that will look after your money. We work hard to earn and keep your trust. We invest alongside you in Milford Funds so you can be sure your best interests are ours too. By bringing together some of the country’s most experienced and respected investment experts, with a track record for making quality financial decisions, our expertise is directly applied to building your wealth. We also believe in continued investment into our people and technology to ensure you receive the best possible client service experience.
Know your money is managed responsibly
We believe the best way to enact change is through ongoing engagement. As active managers and shareholders, we have the ability and capacity to influence company policies around sustainability and drive positive change. Our integrated approach to responsible investing means Environmental, Social and Governance factors are inherently considered as part of every investment decision we make.
Know where your money is being invested
We believe you want to know where your money is. You can see your top investment holdings, how your portfolio is structured by type of asset and your personalised performance in our interactive client portal. We also provide Monthly Fund reviews and reports as well as Quarterly Fund Updates which include details of each Fund's top holdings.
Know the value of your investment
We believe you should be able to know, at any given time, the value of your investment. At any time you can view the value of your investments, monthly portfolio reports and your transaction history online through the Milford client portal.
Access your investment
We believe you should be able to access your investment without penalty or costs. It’s your money. Milford does not charge exit or penalty fees if you sell or transfer your investments away from us.
A manager that actively manages risk and return of your investment
We believe active management of your investment's risk and return will produce a better outcome for you. We will proactively alter our investment strategy if our view of the market, a company’s management, or trading conditions changes. Our range of funds and portfolios cater to different risk and return profiles, allowing you to match your investment goals and timescale to our investment options.
Fair and reasonable fees
We believe you should be able to understand both the cost charged and the value provided by your investment partner. We charge a straightforward base fund fee which covers the normal operating and management costs of the Fund. Some of our Funds will also have a performance fee, which is only charged if a Fund exceeds its stated performance target.