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What are my rights as an investor?

At Milford, we believe in a set of seven Investor Rights.

Your right to:

1. Trust someone to look after your money

Milford has brought together some of the country’s most experienced and respected investment experts, with a track record for making quality financial decisions. Our investment team is committed to building and protecting the wealth of our clients.

2. Know we will act in your best interests

Milford’s focus is on enterprises that we believe demonstrate the highest levels of corporate governance and a strong commitment to their stakeholders. If our standards are not being met, we will seek change or sell our shareholding in an effort to protect your investment in the process.

3. Know where your money is being invested

Milford provides Monthly Reviews and quarterly Fund Updates which include details of each funds' top holdings.

4. Know the value of your investment

Milford investors are able to view the value of their investments, end of month portfolio reports and a history of all their transactions at any time online.

5. Access your investment

Milford understands that this is your money. We do not receive any fees if you sell or move your investments from us.

6. Seek growth and protection for your investment

Milford constantly assesses factors that influence the value of your investments. We will proactively alter our investment strategy if our view of the market, a company’s management, or trading conditions change. Milford’s policy of seeking to protect investors’ capital means when we believe markets will fall significantly, we don’t expect our clients to simply weather the storm. We will actively seek to preserve our investors’ capital.

7. Fair and reasonable fees

Milford charges a base fund fee which varies depending on the type of investment fund. The fee covers the normal operating costs associated with Milford managing the fund and making investment decisions, including audit, supervisor, registry and legal fees as well as any external fund charges. It excludes brokerage and any performance fees. A performance fee is only charged if a fund exceeds its stated performance target. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for more details.

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