Women's Wealth Podcast Series

Join Joanna Day, Milford Financial Adviser, and her wonderful line up of guests as they break down the whys and how.

Women's Wealth Series

Episode 1: Why oh why should I invest?

Milford Financial Advisers Joanna Day and Amanda Cleaver discuss the reasons behind the importance of investing.

Episode 2: Tell me how?

Joanna Day and Lisa Brouneus, Financial Advisers at Milford discuss how to start investing. This 15 minute episode discusses how you can make your KiwiSaver investment work for you and how an investment fund can supplement your income. They also discuss how to manage personal debt and the importance of financial advice.

Episode 3: Family First

Joanna Day and Michal Denz discuss tips and tricks around financial planning through different phases of life, including when maternity leave is on the horizon. They talk through the benefits of investment funds for your children, and how to normalise financial planning as an inter-generational family discussion. Joanna and Michal also touch on pay parity with men in a work environment.

Episode 4: Diversity - What?

Joanna Day and Jessica Travers, Financial Advisers at Milford discuss what Diversify actually means when it comes to investing and the power of diversifying your investment portfolio. They go into the detail of other components of a typical investment portfolio and why it’s important as well as how diversified investments into companies in other parts of the world can help spread your risk.

Episode 5: It’s a case of the "What Ifs"

Joanna Day and Nicky Reid, Financial Advisers at Milford discuss a number of challenges we often face in life that can impact our finances and how to help navigate this with some planning before the “what ifs” happen. They discuss setting up an emergency fund, what to have in place if the worst happens such as you or someone who is important to you passing away or becomes sick or injured, the end of a relationship and estate planning.

Investment Jargon Simplified Series


What are Bonds and Equities and what role do they play in a diversified investment portfolio? Listen to Katlyn Parker chat to Joanna Day, in everyday language explaining what these terms mean and the role they play in investment strategies.

Investment Funds

Joanna Day chats to Carmen about Investment Funds. How do they differ to KiwiSaver and how they differ from a Term Deposit or having money in your savings account at the bank.


Risk. There is risk when it comes to investing. Joanna Day chats to Kate about what risk means when it comes to investing and how to work out what you are comfortable with when it comes to your investment decisions.