Transferring your Australian Superannuation to KiwiSaver

You can transfer your Australian superannuation into your Milford KiwiSaver Plan account.

Bringing your Australian super to New Zealand

Do you have retirement savings in Australia that you’re keen to bring across now you’re living in New Zealand?

Consolidating your retirement funds can simplify management of your investments – and now you are able to transfer your Australian super into a KiwiSaver account with Milford, provided relevant regulations are met.

To learn more about transferring your Australian super savings to your KiwiSaver account with Milford, or to open a KiwiSaver account with Milford, follow the simple steps below.

A couple strolling along a sunny beach in NZ reflecting on the choice to transfer superannuation to KiwiSaver, a key financial planning move

What you need to know

  • You’ve moved to New Zealand permanently.
  • Your Australian super funds are in a complying superannuation fund.
  • You are an existing member of the Milford KiwiSaver Plan. To join, use the link below under “How to get started”.

Once you have made the decision to make the transfer you will need to contact us to obtain the Australian super transfer letter.

You will then need to contact your Australian provider to apply to transfer your funds to Milford’s KiwiSaver Plan. It is important to keep in mind that you might have more than one Australian provider.

If you are unsure who your Australian provider or providers are you will need to contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO). You can call their super search line on +61 13 28 65 or visit their website here to find more information.

  • You cannot withdraw your transferred Australian super funds to put towards a first home purchase.
  • We are currently unable to accept transfers from UK pensions which include UK pension funds that might be in your Australian super Fund.
  • If you permanently emigrate to another country outside Australia or New Zealand, you cannot take Australian super funds with you.
  • Your transferred Australian super funds do not count towards the minimum deposit required to qualify for the New Zealand Government contribution.

It is important to remember the rules above apply to the total lump sum you transfer from Australia, but not to any future investment returns on that lump sum.

How to get started


You'll need to be a Milford KiwiSaver Plan member before you can start the process

Join Milford KiwiSaver Plan before you transfer


Get in touch with us

Get in touch with us to obtain the Australian super transfer letter.

0800 662 345
[email protected]


Contact your Australian super provider(s)

If you are unsure who your Australian provider or providers are you will need to contact the Australian Tax Office on +61 13 28 65


It could take up to 60 days for your Australian provider to transfer the funds to your Milford KiwiSaver Plan account. 

If you choose to transfer your Australian super account, you will need to transfer the full amount. We can receive any account balance whether small or large.

Yes you can, however you must be moving back to Australia permanently and will need to provide a statement to your Australian super fund showing which components of your savings were previously counted toward the Australian non-concessional contributions cap. Please be aware not all Australian superannuation providers accept transfers from KiwiSaver providers.
You can access all of your KiwiSaver funds when you reach the age of eligibility, which is currently 65 and in some circumstances may be able to access some of the funds sooner. If you satisfy the Australian definition of retirement, you will be able to access the Australian superannuation portion earlier, from age 60. For more information please contact our Investor Services Team.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and hold a Milford KiwiSaver account, you have the opportunity to request the transfer of any unclaimed superannuation funds from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to your KiwiSaver.  

Visit the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website to learn more and check you meet the requirements.