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Private Equity

Milford Asset Management has always been intensely interested in private equity because of its potential to deliver strong long-term returns for clients.

Private Equity

The Milford Active Growth Fund has been successfully investing in private companies since 2011. These private company investments have contributed positively to the Active Growth Fund over that time.

Milford has built on our private company investment expertise by launching the Milford Private Equity Fund II.

The Fund has a focus on investing in private companies with high growth opportunities and strong management teams. The Fund may also invest in under appreciated subsidiaries of corporations, turnaround opportunities and provide a succession route for founders.

Milford believes there are significant opportunities available for the Private Equity Fund II to deliver strong returns for investors over time, but notes that the Fund is only suitable for wholesale or eligible investors with a higher risk appetite who are willing to forgo liquidity in the quest for potentially higher returns.

Please note that the Milford Private Equity Fund II is now closed to new investment.

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The Private Equity Team

Brooke Bone

Investment Director


John Johnston

Investment Director


Tom Monti

Investment Analyst

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Private Equity Investment Committee

The Private Equity Investment Committee is comprised of:

  • Brian Gaynor;
  • Lester Gray;
  • Jonathan Windust;
  • Brooke Bone;
  • John Johnson.

Collectively, they have over 100 years of investment knowledge between them. Over half this experience has been focussed on Investing in New Zealand private and public markets, with the remainder gained in offshore markets

Current Investments

Equipment Leasing & Finance (EL&F) provides asset management and finance of vehicles and capital equipment to New Zealand industry.

The group trades under the brands AB Equipment (materials handling, forestry and construction equipment sales and service), NZ Trucks (truck servicing), Speirs Finance (asset financing) and Yoogo (vehicle and equipment leasing).

Coretex operates in the growing telematics industry – providing operators in North America, New Zealand and Australia with the tools to maximise their assets, burn less fuel, avoid waste and boost safety.

It offers a single platform, proven over 16 years in the most demanding sectors possible: construction, refrigerated goods and waste collection.

The New Shoots Group comprises a portfolio of managed and owned childcare centres with a vision to providing the best learning and care outcomes for children, parents and teachers.

The Group also owns and operates Curiate, a distributor of early childhood resources to centres in New Zealand.

Smart Environmental is New Zealand’s largest privately-owned leader in waste, recycling and resource recovery solutions.

Smart Environmental has operated in New Zealand for over 25 years, with a commitment to diverting waste from landfill.

Realised Investment

Steel & Tube is New Zealand’s largest steel distribution company with customers across the construction, manufacturing and rural sectors. It operates a nationwide network of branches.

Steel & Tube has been listed on the NZX since 1967.

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