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Private Wealth

Milford Private Wealth is an investment advice service which guides you toward achieving your investment goals. This service is suited to individuals, family trusts, charities and institutions with $500,000 or more to invest and who require investment advice.

Why Milford Private Wealth?

Private Wealth is an investment advice service that uses Milford’s award winning investment funds to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Your adviser will ensure you are adopting the right investment strategy for your circumstances, preferences and goals. We combine advice with ongoing decision making as to your portfolio of funds so you don’t have to. We will regularly review progress with you to keep your investment on track.

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What is included?

Personalised investment advice & regular meetings with your dedicated adviser.

A portfolio of Milford funds suited to your investment goals.

Discretionary investment management to take care of ongoing investment decisions for you.

Access to track your investment online.

Full administration and independent custody of your holdings.

Monthly updates, quarterly performance reporting and full tax reporting.

Receive invitations to exclusive Milford investment briefings and events.

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Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about our Private Wealth service, please get in touch with our team:

0800 662 347 or

Philip Morgan Rees

Head of Private Wealth

Andrew Bishop

Authorised Financial Adviser

Bruce O’Leary

Authorised Financial Adviser

Richard Pilley

Authorised Financial Adviser

Alistair Ross

Authorised Financial Adviser

Jessica Travers

Authorised Financial Adviser

David Vickery

Authorised Financial Adviser

Kate Tyro

Authorised Financial Adviser

Simon Walton

Authorised Financial Adviser

Nicky Reid

Authorised Financial Adviser

Reece Macdonald

Authorised Financial Adviser

Jonty Cullinane

Authorised Financial Adviser

Zhanna Hawthorne

Private Wealth Associate

Brad Walsh

Private Wealth Associate

Claire Wright

Private Wealth Associate

Hady Saad

Private Wealth Associate

Brendan Larsen

Private Wealth Associate

  • How can I view my investment balance online?

    If you have already set up your online login, click ‘ Account Login’ at the top right of this page and select ‘Private Wealth’ from the options.

    If you have not already set up your online login, we will need to create this for you. Simply email requesting online access and one of our team will assist.

  • How secure is my investment with Milford's Private Wealth Service?

    We do not handle our clients’ money at any time. Milford has retained Investment Custodial Services Limited (ICSL) to provide custodial services for all the assets held by Private Wealth clients of Milford. All payments and receipts of monies are made between the client and ICSL, and all assets are held beneficially in the client’s name, not Milford’s.

    ICSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASB Bank, which is itself wholly owned by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA); CBA is one of the five largest companies in Australia and ASB Bank is rated AA- by Standard and Poor’s. This custodial structure provides clients with a very high level of security.

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