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KiwiSaver – Turning $24.5 billion into $60.7 billion

Brian Gaynor, 11 Dec 2018

KiwiSaver figures continue to show that the scheme is a big winner with the investing public. According to IRD figures,…

Milford leading the pack on KiwiSaver investment returns

27 Nov 2018

Milford’s KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund is the best-performing KiwiSaver fund in the country on a five-year basis, delivering a net benefit in excess of $20,000 for a typical investor. This is over 30 per cent more than the second-highest performing fund. 

Why your investment time horizon is so important

Charlie Dent, 22 Nov 2018

Most investment products, including Milford’s PIE Investment Funds, come with recommended investment time frames. These are an element of investing…

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