As an active manager of your KiwiSaver and Investment Funds, we have always undertaken detailed analysis to find the best companies to invest your money in. This analysis for some time has included consideration of the relevant company’s environmental, social and governance performance, commonly referred to as ESG. We have always believed in the importance of transparency and our clients knowing where and how their funds are invested.

With this in mind, we encourage you to check out our Sustainable Investing page where you will find plenty of information on this topic including our:

  • Engagement Approach – we are committed to creating a more sustainable future by driving companies we invest in to improve the sustainability of their practices.
  • Proxy Voting Record
  • Sustainability Engagements
  • Our Partnerships – including the New Zealand Stewardship Code
  • Sustainability Blog
  • Investment Exclusions

We’ve also released a fantastic new podcast on Sustainable Investing. Click the link below or head over to the investing place to give it a listen.

While you’re there, check out our range of other helpful investing content including our Women’s Wealth Podcast Series, articles, webinars, workbooks, dictionaries and more!