Many of us kick off each new year with a list of resolutions we know we probably won’t stick to. Whether it be to exercise more, take up a new hobby or save a few more dollars – as the year rolls by and we get back into our busy daily routines, these best intended goals fall by the wayside.

When it comes to your KiwiSaver investment the new year is a great time to have a good think about your goal, whether that’s buying your first home or saving for a comfortable retirement. Do you even have a goal? If you do that’s great, but are you on track to achieve it? If you make a few small tweaks now, how will this change your future? So many questions, but taking a few minutes to think about these, and with the right help, could see you thousands of dollars better off or achieving your goal sooner.

We have a number of tools to help you set and achieve your KiwiSaver goals. In your online portal or mobile App you will see a section called ‘Tools & Calculators’. In here you can access our Digital Advice tool which will help you check your appetite for risk, recommend the right fund and see if you are contributing enough to reach your goal. You can also make changes in the tool to see what impact they will have on your results.

For those of you who have reached age 65 you can use our Spend My KiwiSaver tool. This tool will show you how much you could spend in each year of your retirement. It will also let you see the difference that leaving your KiwiSaver funds invested could make to how long your nest egg will last. With the tool you can set up regular payments from your KiwiSaver account directly to your bank account. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you only make one new year’s resolution in 2023 make it to check you’re on track with KiwiSaver. We have provided you with the tools to make it easy and to help you achieve your goal. A few minutes now could see you reaping the rewards at retirement.