We are proud to have delivered #1 returns over the last ten years, delivering consistently strong performance through a range of market conditions.

The Milford KiwiSaver Plan Conservative, Balanced and Active Growth Funds have been the number one performer in their respective KiwiSaver Fund category over the last ten years according to the latest Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey*.  The Milford KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund was the best performing fund overall for the ten years ended June 2023.

As an active fund manager, we aim to navigate the short-term ups and downs, adjusting for potential risks while always looking for opportunities for strong, long-term growth. We are thrilled to have achieved recognition for this approach and will continue to strive to make the next ten years just as successful.

Note: The Milford KiwiSaver Aggressive and Moderate Funds don’t yet have a ten-year history.

*Fund performance illustrated is taken from the latest Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey found at www.morningstar.com.au/insights/funds/238042/kiwisaver-survey-june-quarter-2023

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investment involves risk and returns can be negative as well as positive. Milford Funds Limited is the issuer of the Milford KiwiSaver Plan. Please read the Milford KiwiSaver Plan Product Disclosure Statement at milfordasset.com. Before investing you may wish to seek financial advice. For more information about our financial advice services please visit milfordasset.com/getting-advice.

Canstar Provider of the Year for the fourth year running!

The Milford KiwiSaver Plan has again been awarded the Canstar KiwiSaver Provider of the Year Award and Outstanding Value KiwiSaver Scheme Award!

The award for Provider of the Year compares cost, features, and performance of Conservative, Balanced and Growth KiwiSaver funds over the past 5 years. The award also recognises providers who have demonstrated outstanding value across these fund categories and those schemes that have delivered the highest level of customer satisfaction.