Milford’s active investment approach and focus on high quality client service has helped it win Canstar’s KiwiSaver Provider of the Year 2023, and Outstanding Value KiwiSaver Scheme 2023 for the record fourth year in a row.

Milford’s Head of KiwiSaver & Distribution, Murray Harris, said Milford’s investment approach, offering access to financial advice and timely information and insights has helped members navigate a difficult time for markets.

“By taking an active approach, analysing individual companies and making considered decisions about where we put our clients’ money, we improve our chances of generating strong returns for our members”, he said.

Canstar said Milford’s top scores across the Conservative, Balanced and Growth profiles were down to its talented investment team.

Jose George, Canstar New Zealand General Manager, said, “Once again, Milford wins Provider of the Year, thanks to its outstanding performance across all measures of performance assessed for our award.”

Canstar’s expert panel uses a bespoke methodology to find its KiwiSaver Provider of the Year. The panel considers factors including products, features, and Customer Satisfaction in making its decision. In revealing the winner, the panel pointed to Milford’s investor app, high levels of support, range of investment options, reasonable fee structure and consistent strong performance.

George said “Milford again took home our top KiwiSaver award, due to its excellent performance across all the factors assessed by our panel. The winning streak reflects Milford’s ongoing focus on delivering for its customers – both across returns, products, and service. Congratulations to the team.”

“Our expert research team compares the costs, features and performance of KiwiSaver funds, as well as the value and customer satisfaction delivered by a KiwiSaver provider. And, importantly, they don’t just look at short-term results.”

Harris said “We put a lot of effort into designing products and services to suit a broad range of investors. Our funds offer members a choice of risk and return profiles, we offer members access to expert financial advice through different channels, and we try and make it as easy as possible for people to review and adjust their investments to suit their changing circumstances”.

Client communication was also a high priority for Milford’s KiwiSaver team.

“We believe KiwiSaver members need good information to make good choices. Giving our members easy access to that information through our mobile app and online portal is one of the things that sets Milford apart.

“These awards recognise the hard work put in by the whole team, and we’re grateful to receive them for the fourth year in a row,” says Harris.

Harris said Milford’s KiwiSaver team was continually evaluating new ways to better serve its growing member base.

“We recognise members will continue to expect more and different services, and we are determined to remain focused on anticipating and meeting those expectations.”