Our personal finances are always on our minds – from making ends meet to providing for the long-term future of ourselves and our families. Financial advice around things like your KiwiSaver account and investment funds can help you plan, prepare and deliver the peace of mind you need to sleep easy at night and could set you on the path for the financial future you want. But where can you find that guidance?

Money – the taboo topic

Research shows that three out of four people believe their overall happiness and wellbeing is linked to the status of their finances*. That means there’s a lot at stake as we strive for financial freedom and the lifestyle we want to be able to enjoy when we’re older.

And that pressure is something many New Zealanders internalise. As a nation, we’re often reluctant to talk about our finances, which means we’re left with unanswered questions: How do I get to where I want to be in 10 years? How do I know if my investments are on track? When will I be able to slow down and enjoy my savings?

An objective perspective

Being so emotionally connected to our finances can make it difficult to see things objectively, which is why an outside perspective can be so valuable. When you get objective advice free from emotion, you essentially gain a fresh perspective to help you see the forest for the trees. It’s this clarity that allows you to make better, more informed investment decisions.

The key to success lies in the understanding and planning around three key factors:

  1. What you’re trying to achieve with your investments
  2. How long you have to reach those goals, and
  3. How much risk you feel comfortable with


Advice for everyone

There’s a perception that financial advice and being a successful investor is only for the wealthy. The good news is that advice is more accessible now than it’s ever been and investing is for everyone.

Technology has levelled out the playing field by enabling more New Zealanders to access digital advice tools anywhere, anytime. Technology has also played a key role in enabling Kiwis to take control of their KiwiSaver investments and join quality investment funds. It’s just about taking the first step and you’re underway.

The tech tools to get you started

Milford has a range of tools including intuitive Digital Advice Tools which can be used in a number of ways, from setting goals and understanding your risk profile to getting advice and tracking your KiwiSaver account’s performance. They have already been used by thousands of New Zealanders looking for more clarity and control over their investments.

Partnering for success

Achieving success starts with finding a partner you can trust, someone who shares your values and can help map out your journey to financial freedom. Milford has a proven track record, with world-class expertise and a range of investment solutions to help New Zealanders at every stage of that journey.

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