Milford Asset Management’s total KiwiSaver Funds under management has passed $500 million and stood at $523 million, with 13,330 members, at the end of 2015.

This represents an average of $39,230 per Milford KiwiSaver member compared with an average of $11,950 for all 2.58 million KiwiSaver members, according to IRD and Morningstar statistics.

Milford has the highest average member balance of any large KiwiSaver Provider and is one of the fastest growing providers.

In 2015 the average Milford KiwiSaver balance increased by $7,430 to $39,230, while the average balance for all KiwiSaver members rose by $1,610, to $11,950.

“Milford’s main objective is to achieve the highest possible return for KiwiSaver investors while also actively managing investment risk. We have a strong and experienced investment team of fourteen based in Auckland and Sydney who are highly motivated to achieve this objective” said Milford’s Managing Director, Anthony Quirk.

“KiwiSaver members need to be far more aware that investment returns matter. An additional one per cent return per annum over a long investment horizon can be far more significant than many people think” says Quirk. “For example, a 35 year-old who achieves just one per cent higher investment returns across this 30 year period, could add over $100,000 more to their KiwiSaver retirement pool”.

The following December Quarter 2015 Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey demonstrates how the Milford investment team has added real value to its clients’ investment funds.

The comparison of the Milford Active Growth Fund with the largest KiwiSaver funds demonstrates the potential extra returns available to many investors who may be in a fund that is too conservative relative to their investment time frame.

The Milford Active Growth has also strongly out performed KiwiSaver growth funds, which have averaged 8.6%, 11.8% pa and 9.9% pa over 1,3 and 5 years.

Note the Milford KiwiSaver Conservative Fund is not included as it does not have a five year record and its category has recently changed from Moderate to Conservative in the Morningstar survey.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns

Contact: Anthony Quirk, MD, Milford Asset Management Limited, 021 223 4591, [email protected]