We are pleased to report the Milford KiwiSaver Plan Funds are continuing to deliver returns well above the average.


Independent quarterly research conducted by Melville Jessup, Weaver (MJW) and Morningstar Inc. have confirmed this strong performance across our KiwiSaver Fund range.


At the Fund level our KiwiSaver Conservative and KiwiSaver Balanced Funds have delivered the best performance in their respective categories on a one, three and (where applicable) five year basis.


In the Morningstar KiwiSaver Report to 30 June 2016 the Milford KiwiSaver Balanced Fund has returned 6.6%, 11.5% and 12.2% over the past 1 year, 3 years and 5 years respectively; the Milford KiwiSaver Conservative Fund returned 6.7% and 10.9% over 1 and 3 years, (all returns after fees and before tax).


In addition, our KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund has also been the top performer in MJW’s Growth Fund category over one, five and eight years with returns of 10.5%, 15.3% and 13.4% respectively, after fees but before tax.


Markets are in a constant state of change. Therefore we will remain patient and continue focusing on taking advantage of investment opportunities as they arise and aim to protect capital when markets are less favourable.


We’d like to thank all of our investors for their continued support.


Disclaimer: Please see Milford’s terms & conditions