Milford’s KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund is the best-performing KiwiSaver growth fund in the country on a seven-year basis, delivering a net benefit in excess of $30,000 for a typical investor. This is over 45 per cent more return after fees and tax than the second-highest performing fund. In addition, Milford’s KiwiSaver Balanced Fund is the best-performing KiwiSaver balanced fund on a seven-year basis.

The news comes from Australian investment research company SuperRatings and the aim of the research is to reveal which KiwiSaver funds are providing the highest ‘net benefit’ to members. In other words, which funds are delivering the highest returns to their clients after deducting fund fees and tax.

Source: SuperRatings press release 2 Nov 2018. *Net Benefit outcomes are calculated over seven years to 31/3/2018 and assume a contribution rate of 3%, contribution tax of 17.5%, salary of $50,000 p.a. and a starting balance of $20,000. Graph shows only top-10 best performing KiwiSaver growth funds. ****Russell LifePoints® Growth Fund. Please note past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

Regarding the results Milford CEO Mark Ryland said, “We exist to grow and protect our clients’ hard-earned savings. So, we’re very pleased our KiwiSaver investors are achieving such strong results.”

Mark Ryland added “With so much focus in the media on minimising fees, it’s refreshing to see an expert research company focus on what truly matters to KiwiSaver investors, and that’s the return they’re earning after fees.”

Is your KiwiSaver account working as hard as it should?

As you can see there are big differences between KiwiSaver providers and the returns they’re generating for their clients.

At Milford, we’ve produced excellent returns by combining our world-class investment expertise with an insatiable curiosity that keeps us constantly asking how we can do better.

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