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Rebuilding Paradise – Frances Sweetman on the markets during COVID-19

Frances Sweetman

Senior Analyst

Frances joined Milford in early 2017 as a Senior Analyst focussed on New Zealand equities. Prior to joining Milford, Frances was a Senior Research Analyst at Craigs Investment Partners, responsible for the New Zealand and Australian exposures of the Private Wealth division. Frances also previously worked as an Analyst at Brook Asset Management focussed on the property, finance and telecommunications sectors and as an Analyst at Macquarie Bank in Sydney, covering the property sector in the institutional equities research team. She holds an MSc in Estate Management from South Bank University, a BA(Hons) in Economics and Business Management from Newcastle University and is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Check out our own Frances Sweetman, Senior Analyst being interviewed on Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry on Three. The show runs Monday through Thursdays at 9.25pm and is available on demand at We are proud sponsors of the show. It’s focus is exploring what the future might look like for New Zealanders post COVID-19, and each night Paul interviews three sector opinion leaders. Frances talks about investments and what we need to know as we navigate ahead from here. Have a watch and get in touch if you have any questions.

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