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The return of inflation and end of Goldilocks?

Jonathan Windust, 20 Oct 2021

Investment markets have been in a Goldilocks period where low inflation has allowed central banks to keep interest rates low…

Central bank policy in transition – are rate hikes on the way?

Travis Murdoch, 09 Jul 2021

As we enter the second half of the calendar year, central bank policies are entering the next phase of the…

Month in a Minute: June ’21

Mark Riggall, 06 Jul 2021

Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses June’s key highlights in 60 seconds.

Isn’t the reopening trade over yet?

David Rigby, 30 Jun 2021

Compared to 18 months ago, we now know how to control COVID outbreaks by restricting movement and tracing contacts and…

The month in 60 seconds: May ’21

Mark Riggall, 04 Jun 2021

Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses May’s key highlights in 60 seconds.

Stock Story: The a2 Milk Company

Sam Trethewey, 04 Jun 2021

We have a look at the dramatic rise to prominence of The a2 Milk Company, the volatility it has experienced…

Investing in the humble tractor at the centre of food security solutions

Alexander Whight, 02 Jun 2021

Food security, or access to sufficient safe and nutritious food, is one of the most important challenges facing the world…