Will a rising minimum wage drive productivity?

Frances Sweetman, 28 Nov 2017

The New Zealand minimum wage is set to rise from $15.75 to $20.00 over the next three years.
The Labour and

NZX left in the dust

Brian Gaynor, 18 Nov 2017

Xero’s decision to delist from the domestic sharemarket has focused attention on the NZX, particularly in relation to the recommendations of the Capital Market Development Taskforce.

Where is the NZ dollar heading?

Mark Riggall, 14 Nov 2017

In this short video, Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall explains why he’s sure the Reserve Bank won’t soon be taking direct action to drive the NZ dollar down – but he does expect the dollar to stay under pressure in the short term. Watch to learn more. 

Is the house price boom over?

Frances Sweetman, 14 Nov 2017

In this short video, Senior Analyst Frances Sweetman explains why she’s confident the house price boom is over – but she doesn’t see the sky falling. “There’s always upside and there are always good opportunities”. Watch to learn more.

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