Milford on AM 17 August 2023

Katlyn Parker, 17 Aug 2023

Milford on AM 10 August 2023

Dr Deborah Lambie, 10 Aug 2023

Is New Zealand’s power grid able to sustain a substantial shift to electrification as we move away from fossil fuels?

Milford on AM Show 15 Dec 22

Frances Sweetman, 15 Dec 2022

How do we make sense of the varying estimates predicting New Zealand’s economy in 2023? Portfolio Manager Frances Sweetman discusses

Milford on AM 1 August 2023

Felix Fok, 01 Aug 2023

Half way through the US earnings season, companies are moderately beating expectations, however all may not be as it first

Milford on AM Show 8 Dec 22

Felix Fok, 09 Dec 2022

As we look to 2023, how accurate are the economic indicators that predict it could be a tough year ahead?

Milford on AM 27 July 23

Frances Sweetman, 27 Jul 2023

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme is set to change in December, reducing the number of emissions units available while

Milford on AM 20 July 23

Felix Fok, 21 Jul 2023

Despite high inflation and interest rates, the US reporting season for the June quarter has shown little reduction in spending

Milford on AM 13 July 23

Mark Riggall, 13 Jul 2023

As migrant numbers into New Zealand surged this year, the number of Kiwis leaving our shores also continued to rise.

Milford on AM 29 June 23

Dr Deborah Lambie, 30 Jun 2023

China has seen a surge in EV manufacturing and sales, with numbers tripling since 2020. On AM, Milford Global Equities

Milford on AM 22 June 23

Frances Sweetman, 22 Jun 2023

Fletcher Building’s ability to sell residential houses has trended down from an anticipated 1,000 homes 12 months ago to 650.