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Investing in the humble tractor at the centre of food security solutions

Alexander Whight, 02 Jun 2021

Food security, or access to sufficient safe and nutritious food, is one of the most important challenges facing the world…

NFTs the new kid on the block(chain) – the latest use-case in a world that continues to digitalise

Stephanie Batchelor, 14 Apr 2021

How much would you pay to own this pixelated image of an alien wearing a sweatband? Nothing? $1? $1,000? How…

Stock Story: Infineon Technologies

Ian Robertson, 04 Mar 2021

Semiconductor manufacturers make the tiny chips that help power a wide range of consumer and industrial applications including household appliances,…

What Strava (the fitness app) can teach us about Sustainable Investing

Rachel Tinkler, 24 Feb 2021

Today, investment analysts take for granted that the financial statements of listed companies provide a solid foundation on which to…

Private Wealth Livestream Event

Philip Morgan Rees, 13 Nov 2020

Watch as we go up close with business leaders Peter Beck, Simon Moutter and Andrew Somervell and hear what’s helped…

Early innings for e-commerce

Stephanie Batchelor, 30 Sep 2020

With the US share market up +45% since the lows in late March, and shares of companies like Amazon up…

Vaccine Time: The Beginning of the Pandemic’s End

Marissa Rossi, 05 Aug 2020

In total, there are 177 novel coronavirus vaccines in development globally and 6 in Phase III trials, the final stage…

Opportunity knocks to integrate NZ provenance and technology

Brooke Bone, 25 Feb 2020

We consider the success of both Xero and A2 Milk to be a positive wake up call for all NZ…

How companies are using technology to stay on the leading edge

Stephanie Batchelor, 28 Mar 2019

In this wide-ranging discussion, Investment Analyst Stephanie Perrin looks at examples of new smart technologies and analyses how they’re impacting…


NZ Tech Nation

Michael Luke, 19 Jun 2018