Low KiwiSaver fees do not guarantee more money in your account

Murray Harris, 21 Nov 2017

The latest KiwiSaver research shows that members who are focusing only on fees and choosing low-cost providers are short changing themselves on the net benefit they will gain towards their retirement savings.

Tips for picking a managed fund

10 Nov 2017

Some of the cosmetic details around a managed fund can betray its true value to you – how can you start digging a little deeper?

Understanding the risks of your term deposit

Paul Morris, 07 Nov 2017

Bank term deposits are a useful retail savings product. However, the risks are somewhat misunderstood. An FMA survey in 2014 found that 75% of New Zealand depositors thought they were guaranteed.

Philanthropy – the benefits flow both ways

Richard Pilley, 05 Sep 2017

Kiwi’s are a generous bunch. According to Philanthropy NZ, in 2014 New Zealanders gave almost $2.8 billion to charitable causes, of which 55% came from individuals. But could more come from families with a high level of wealth?

Is it time to spot check your finances?

Charlie Dent, 01 Aug 2017

You wouldn’t skip your car’s annual WOF, but are you giving the same attention to your finances? Make sure there is no rust creeping into your financial assets.

New age monopolies

Felix Fok, 25 Jul 2017

The internet age has a new breed of large, dominant, infrastructure-like companies that have been delivering above average returns to shareholders.

You’ve sold a business – now what?

Richard Pilley, 11 Jul 2017

People that have recently sold their company may struggle managing the proceeds. Through the bucket method, they can grow wealth further.

Why every company must embrace technology

Stephanie Batchelor, 27 Jun 2017

To ensure technology doesn’t render their business irrelevant, companies must reinvent themselves and embrace technology to attend to the shifting needs of customers.

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