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Managing Downturns – a tale of an African corn store

Gareth Stythe, 24 Feb 2022

In between graduating from university and starting work, I volunteered for a charity that built birthing suites in remote villages…

Low KiwiSaver fees do not guarantee more money in your account

Murray Harris, 21 Nov 2017

The latest KiwiSaver research shows that members who are focusing only on fees and choosing low-cost providers are short changing themselves on the net benefit they will gain towards their retirement savings.

Tips for picking a managed fund

10 Nov 2017

Some of the cosmetic details around a managed fund can betray its true value to you – how can you start digging a little deeper?

Understanding the risks of your term deposit

Paul Morris, 07 Nov 2017

Bank term deposits are a useful retail savings product. However, the risks are somewhat misunderstood. An FMA survey in 2014 found that 75% of New Zealand depositors thought they were guaranteed.

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