The Milford team has made the most of this year’s beautiful summer weather, hosting our inaugural ‘Do ACTIVE’ Summer Series events at Mount Maunganui, Whangamatā, Christchurch and Wellington as well as Silo Park and Takapuna Beach in Auckland. We really enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with a range of beachgoers, fielding a number of questions in the process.

For those of you who were unable to attend or didn’t have an event near you, don’t worry! We have answered the 5 most common investing questions below, leaving the yoga questions to our expert local instructors.

What investment options does Milford offer in addition to KiwiSaver?
Milford offers an extensive range of investment services and products in addition to KiwiSaver. These include Investment Funds, Private Equity and Private Wealth Management & Advice. More information can be found under the ‘What we offer’ tab on our website.

Does Milford offer Financial Advice for KiwiSaver and Investment Funds?
Yes, we offer Digital Advice for both KiwiSaver and Investment Funds. You will find these in your online Client Portal in the ‘Tools & Calculators’ section or, if you are not yet a client, you can access these from our website.

These tools will help you to check your appetite for risk, recommend the right Milford fund and see if you are contributing enough to reach your KiwiSaver and/or Investment goals. You can make changes in the tool to see what impact they will have on your results and then you can make any amendments the tool recommends to get on track. For a more personal touch, request a call back from one of our KiwiSaver Advisers at [email protected].

What approach does Milford take to funds management?
Milford is an Active Fund Manager. As investment markets are in a state of constant change, we constantly re-evaluate our investments aiming to achieve the best outcomes. Active Fund Managers make dynamic buying, selling or holding decisions about the assets within a Fund in order to try and beat the market. We look to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise and seek to minimise downside risk when markets are less favourable. This differs from Passive investing which limits the amount of buying and selling within a Fund. Passive investing aims to replicate a market index in order to closely replicate market performance (less the passive fund’s fee) .

How easy is it to transfer my KiwiSaver to Milford?
Very easy! You can join or switch in five minutes online right now.. If you’re not quite sure where to begin, take advantage of our Digital and Personal advice services.

Can I transfer my Australian Superannuation Funds to KiwiSaver?
Yes! Consolidating your retirement funds can simplify management of your investments. More information on Milford’s 3 step process can be found on our website.


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