Month in a Minute: May 2024

Mark Riggall, 10 Jun 2024

Month in a Minute: April 2024

Mark Riggall, 07 May 2024

The pause that refreshes
After a very strong six months, April saw a pullback in global shares. This was accompanied by

Month in a Minute: March 2024

Mark Riggall, 08 Apr 2024

A bumper crop
March saw another very solid month of returns for the funds, helped by strong performances from our stock

Month in a Minute: February 2024

Mark Riggall, 07 Mar 2024

Newton’s 1st Law: An object in motion remains in motion
February delivered broadly positive fund performance for the fourth month in

Month in a Minute: January 2024

Mark Riggall, 08 Feb 2024

A Sizzling Summer
For the third month in a row, fund returns were positive, helped by a strong performance from our

Month in a Minute: December 2023

Dr Deborah Lambie, 11 Jan 2024

A Fast Finish
Funds delivered strong performances in December, building on the positive November to finish the year with solid gains.

Month in a Minute: November 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Dec 2023

Patience Rewarded
November was a very strong month for returns, with gains across low and high-risk funds. Performance was driven by

Month in a Minute: October 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Nov 2023

Laying the foundations
Financial markets continue to adjust to the reality of “higher for longer” interest rates. Over the past three

Month in a Minute: September 2023

Mark Riggall, 06 Oct 2023

Higher for longer
It was a difficult month for both share and bond markets with sharp falls across both. Despite this,

Month in a Minute: August 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Sep 2023

Divergence creates a land of opportunity
Global markets were choppy in August with generally weaker asset prices, although there was a