Month in a Minute: March 2023

Mark Riggall, 11 Apr 2023

Throughout the past year, we have taken a more cautious approach centred around the view that global central bank tightening

Month in a Minute: February 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Mar 2023

Resilience – the capacity to withstand difficulties
After a strong January, shares and bonds saw modest retracements in February. Despite this,

Month in a Minute: January 2023

Mark Riggall, 08 Feb 2023

A flurry of better news
Despite the turmoil in markets over the past year, our diversified funds have largely maintained their

Month in a Minute: May 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Jun 2023

Still waters run deep
Both bonds and shares saw modest falls in May, but this masks significant moves under the surface.

Month in a Minute: December 2022

Mark Riggall, 11 Jan 2023

The land of opportunity
Sticking to the script of 2022, December offered up surprises to keep investors on their toes right

Month in a Minute: June 2023

Dr Deborah Lambie, 05 Jul 2023

Halfway to a soft landing
Inflation is falling whilst economic growth looks to be resilient, delivering what investors have termed a

Month in a minute: October 2022

Mark Riggall, 04 Nov 2022

Opportunity knocks – Fund performance was broadly positive in October, building on the positive returns seen since mid-year. This performance has come despite ongoing weakness in financial markets over the past few months.

Month in a Minute: July 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Aug 2023

The sun is shining (but not everywhere)
July saw continued strength in global share markets, helping deliver positive performance for the

Month in a Minute: August 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Sep 2023

Divergence creates a land of opportunity
Global markets were choppy in August with generally weaker asset prices, although there was a