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Milford on AM 23 May 2024

Stephanie Batchelor, 23 May 2024
What impact is Chinese-based ecommerce having on Amazon, as consumers shop globally for good deals and cheap prices? On AM,
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Why global diversification is key in today’s environment

Alistair Ross, 23 May 2024
In the current economic climate, it’s evident that New Zealand is facing considerable challenges. Just recently we’ve witnessed profit downgrades
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Milford on AM 16 May 2024

Mark Riggall, 17 May 2024
Retail data has shown that electronic transaction rates fell last month, with spending per person now as low as it
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Milford on Newstalk ZB: 15 May 2024

Mark Riggall, 16 May 2024
Fletcher Building downgraded its profit guidance this week, but how much of the company’s troubles are a reflection of New

Monday Market Highlights: 13 May 2024

Remy Morgan, 13 May 2024
In this week’s Monday Market Highlights, Credit Analyst Remy Morgan discusses the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index which showed

Milford on Newstalk ZB: 9 May 2024

Jeremy Hutton, 9 May 2024
News was out this week that a proposal to lease the Ports of Auckland was “off the table” – but

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