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What’s the difference between a KiwiSaver Fund and an Investment Fund?
Understanding Unit Prices


An investment framework for generative AI

Daniel Wu, 19 September 2023
Since OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public in November 2022, generative AI has taken the investing world by storm. Any
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Monday Market Highlights: 18 September 2023

Nick Morgan, 18 September 2023
In this week’s Monday Market Highlights, Sustainable Investment Analyst Nick Morgan discusses inflation data out of the US, with the

Milford on AM 14 September 23

Frances Sweetman, 14 September 2023
90% of New Zealanders say they don’t want their funds invested in companies that can cause harm, yet $8.6 billion
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Milford on Newstalk ZB: 13 September 23

Mark Riggall, 14 September 2023
Low-risk funds have performed poorly over the past five years, however Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall says modelling suggests conservative funds

Monday Market Highlights: 11 September 2023

Kate Power, 11 September 2023
In this week’s Monday Market Highlights, Investment Analyst Kate Power discusses the RBA extending the pause in the OCR, the

Milford on AM 7 September 23

Dr Deborah Lambie, 7 September 2023
Weight loss medication originally intended for diabetics is taking the world by storm, with demand outweighing supply. On AM, Investment
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