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What’s the difference between a KiwiSaver Fund and an Investment Fund?
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Thank You for Seven in a row!

7 May 2024
We are delighted to have been named Consumer People’s Choice KiwiSaver Plan for the seventh consecutive year. The award was announced
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Month in a Minute: April 2024

Mark Riggall, 7 May 2024
The pause that refreshes After a very strong six months, April saw a pullback in global shares. This was accompanied by
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Monday Market Highlights: 6 May 2024

Jerram Lindsay, 6 May 2024
In this week’s Monday Market Highlights, Investment Analyst Jerram Lindsay discusses last week’s economic data release, with most numbers coming

Stock Story: Viva Energy

Michael Higgins, 2 May 2024
Viva Energy is an Australian company in which Milford has held a position consistently since December 2021. I remember our
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Milford on AM 02 May 2024

Katlyn Parker, 2 May 2024
Unemployment has hit a 3-year high, with 10,000 New Zealanders losing their jobs in the March quarter. But is there
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Monday Market Highlights: 29 April 2024

29 April 2024
In this week’s Monday Market Highlights, Dealer Brendan Larsen discusses earnings results from Tesla, Meta and Alphabet. He also provides

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