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Milford on AM 24 August 2023

Felix Fok, 24 August 2023
Will the residential property slowdown in China have an impact on New Zealand? Milford Portfolio Manager Felix Fok discussed the
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Milford on AM 17 August 2023

Katlyn Parker, 17 August 2023
There was limited reaction from the market to the RBNZ’s announcement yesterday that the Official Cash Rate would remain at
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Milford on AM 10 August 2023

Dr Deborah Lambie, 10 August 2023
Is New Zealand’s power grid able to sustain a substantial shift to electrification as we move away from fossil fuels?
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Milford on AM 1 August 2023

Felix Fok, 1 August 2023
Half way through the US earnings season, companies are moderately beating expectations, however all may not be as it first
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Milford on AM 27 July 23

Frances Sweetman, 27 July 2023
The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme is set to change in December, reducing the number of emissions units available while
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Milford on AM 20 July 23

Felix Fok, 21 July 2023
Despite high inflation and interest rates, the US reporting season for the June quarter has shown little reduction in spending
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