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Understanding Unit Prices

Bradley Dennehy-Beals, July 21, 2022
Understanding Unit Prices - Bradley discusses why KiwiSaver and Investment Funds have unit prices, why they move up and down in value and how they are shown in your client portal and mobile app.
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China Property Crisis

Jason Kururangi, July 20, 2022
Beijing, do we have a problem? Headlines of homebuyers refusing to pay mortgages are front and centre of global markets this week. Chinese authorities have been holding emergency meetings with banks as a rapidly growing number of homebuyers refuse to pay mortgages for unfinished projects. The problem has been brewing for some time, with some of the causes discussed broadly in a discussion piece here last year. This article will recap on the source of the issues, what’s changed and then try to address the implications for investors.
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Why setting an investment goal can help keep you on track

Amanda Cleaver, July 20, 2022
How can you improve your investing outcomes? By ensuring your investing efforts start with a clear purpose. Clients often tell me they are investing to “grow their capital”. Which sounds reasonable right? I would argue that everyone, whether they consciously acknowledge it or not, has a deeper reason for investing than just wanting to grow their capital.
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Milford Market Update June 2022

June 22, 2022
Expert Panel: Murray Harris, Mark Riggall, Stephen Johnston, Maddie Cruickshank & Eachann Bruce Our expert panel discuss a range of...
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Mark Riggall and Heather du Plessis-Allan discuss the current market volatility means for KiwiSaver investors

Mark Riggall, June 1, 2022
Listen to Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall chat with Heather du Plessis-Allan on Newstalk ZB about Walmart’s latest results and what...

The closest thing to free money

Eachann Bruce, May 5, 2022
Would you like an extra payment of up to $521.43 paid directly to your KiwiSaver account? Each year, KiwiSaver members...
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