The Silver Lining in Falling Markets

Bruce O'Leary, 30 September 2022
Falling markets are never good as you are suffering losses in your portfolio which impact your long-term returns. Investors cannot
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Milford on AM Show: 22 Sep 2022

William Curtayne, 22 September 2022
Portfolio Manager, William Curtayne discusses the longer-term outlook for inflation, and what it means for the economy.
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Stay the course: short-term caution versus longer-term optimism

Stephen Johnston, 22 September 2022
2022 has been a challenging year with extreme volatility in share markets, and the road ahead is likely to be
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Milford on NewstalkZB: 21 Sep 2022

Mark Riggall, 21 September 2022

Monday Market Highlights: 19 September 2022

Brendan Larsen, 19 September 2022
 This week on Monday Market Highlights, Brendan Larsen covers the US and UK CPI data, Australian employment data, the NFIB

Tech sector takeover offers – who will be next?

Kate Power, 16 September 2022
Technology companies enjoyed incredible returns up until their November 2021 highs, with the NASDAQ Composite index increasing 547% over the preceding decade. This was driven by strong economic returns and a significant expansion in the valuations investors placed on these companies (price-to-earnings multiple expansion) which in turn was due to a decade of loose monetary and fiscal policy.
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