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The closest thing to free money

Eachann Bruce, 05 May 2022

Month in a minute: August 2022

Mark Riggall, 06 Sep 2022

August was a volatile month with global share prices moving sharply higher, and then lower as the month progressed. As we wrote last month, we were sceptical of the recent strength in share markets and have maintained a cautious position in our funds, reducing exposure even further during August. For this reason, monthly fund returns are only modestly negative despite significantly weaker share and bond markets.


China Property Crisis

Jason Kururangi, 20 Jul 2022

Milford on AM show: 21 July 2022

Felix Fok, 21 Jul 2022

This week on AM Show, Milford Portfolio Manager Felix Fok discusses the impact on gas prices following the shutdown of a major gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.


Deb on US CPI numbers

Dr Deborah Lambie, 14 Sep 2022

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