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Tech sector takeover offers – who will be next?

Kate Power, September 16, 2022
Technology companies enjoyed incredible returns up until their November 2021 highs, with the NASDAQ Composite index increasing 547% over the preceding decade. This was driven by strong economic returns and a significant expansion in the valuations investors placed on these companies (price-to-earnings multiple expansion) which in turn was due to a decade of loose monetary and fiscal policy.
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Deb on US CPI numbers

Dr Deborah Lambie, September 14, 2022
Investment Analyst Dr Deborah Lambie joined Heather du Plessis-Allan to explain the latest US inflation figures and how it impacts...

Month in a minute: August 2022

Mark Riggall, September 6, 2022
August was a volatile month with global share prices moving sharply higher, and then lower as the month progressed. As we wrote last month, we were sceptical of the recent strength in share markets and have maintained a cautious position in our funds, reducing exposure even further during August. For this reason, monthly fund returns are only modestly negative despite significantly weaker share and bond markets.
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Stock Story: Infratil

Michael Luke, September 6, 2022
What does Infratil do? Infratil is an infrastructure investor with a significant portfolio of investments in digital infrastructure, renewables, healthcare,...
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You ask. We answer. Milford Livestream event – August 2022

August 18, 2022
Have investment questions on your mind? Watch our Ask Us Anything Livestream from Tuesday night where we provided an update on markets and answered our investors questions live on air.
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Is a monetary policy mistake coming?

Ian Robertson, August 18, 2022
Central banks are walking a tightrope as they try to lower inflation via the blunt tool of monetary policy in a backdrop of a slowing global economy. The recent fall in market expectations of inflation, also seen in lower bond yields infers that the market believes central banks may be successful in engineering a soft economic landing – lowering inflation with a limited recession. This has supported performance across both bond and share markets. But is this utopian “soft landing” realistic?
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