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Talking KiwiSaver on The AM Show on Three

Frances Sweetman, 08 Apr 2021

This morning Frances Sweetman had fun on The AM Show on Three discussing the latest KiwiSaver returns and offering a…

Stock Story: SeaLink Travel Group

Michael Higgins, 08 Apr 2021

Portfolio Manager Michael Higgins tells the story behind SeaLink Travel Group and why it has been one of our best-performing…

The month in 60 seconds: Mar ’21

Mark Riggall, 08 Apr 2021

Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses March’s key highlights in 60 seconds.

KiwiSaver Livestream Event – March 2021

Murray Harris, 01 Apr 2021

Watch members of the Milford team discuss the latest developments in investment markets and how to make the most of…

Sticking to a KiwiSaver investment for the long-term does pay off

Murray Harris, 01 Apr 2021

What a difference a year makes This time last year we were locked down in our homes, wondering what the…

Why supply chain auditors are superheroes

Rachel Arbuckle, 01 Apr 2021

When we think about human rights abuses, our first thoughts may be of political prisoners and human trafficking. But modern…

The unseen opportunity in Plasma

Jason Kururangi, 01 Apr 2021

Blood Plasma is big business. Collecting, processing, manufacturing and ultimately selling plasma derived products has been a valuable area for…

Vend Limited to be sold

Brooke Bone, 23 Mar 2021

A Fantastic Investment for your Milford Active Growth Fund and KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund The recent announcement that Vend would…

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