Milford on AM 23 November 2023

Mark Riggall, 23 Nov 2023

Semiconductor chip manufacturer Nvidia has benefited from the AI boom, but restrictions by the US on chip sales to China

Milford on AM 16 November 2023

Felix Fok, 16 Nov 2023

A “Santa Claus” rally in international share markets is having a positive effect on domestic markets, with share prices up

Milford on AM 9 November 2023

Frances Sweetman, 09 Nov 2023

Business confidence has risen post-election, but has it flowed through to the real economy? On AM, Milford Portfolio Manager

Month in a Minute: October 2023

Mark Riggall, 07 Nov 2023

Laying the foundations
Financial markets continue to adjust to the reality of “higher for longer” interest rates. Over the past three

Milford on AM 2 November 2023

Mark Riggall, 02 Nov 2023

There is an increasing accumulation of evidence that New Zealand’s economy is slowing. On AM, Milford Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall

Milford on AM 26 October 2023

Felix Fok, 26 Oct 2023

Will AI live up to the hype? Watch Milford Portfolio Manager Felix Fok on AM Show discuss how AI hype

Milford on AM 19 October 2023

Dr Deborah Lambie, 19 Oct 2023

All around the world, employees are demanding better pay deals. Why are strikes on the rise, and how do they

Milford on AM 12 October 2023

Frances Sweetman, 12 Oct 2023

The Israel-Hamas war had an immediate effect on oil prices, but what will the impact be if tensions continue or

Stock Story: Neuren Pharmaceuticals

Kate Power, 06 Oct 2023

Neuren leads the way in treating Rett syndrome
In March, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Australian company Neuren

Month in a Minute: September 2023

Mark Riggall, 06 Oct 2023

Higher for longer
It was a difficult month for both share and bond markets with sharp falls across both. Despite this,